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600 Sprint Rules PDF Print E-mail

USCS 600 Sprint Car Series Rules

Version 30 Updated 3/25/15

ONLY USCS 600 Sprint Car Series MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE POINTS and AWARDS. ($100 annual membership).

All Drivers must be at least 12 years of age.  All Drivers under the age of 18 must have a copy of a birth certificate or driver’s license and a release form signed by both parents on file before being allowed to compete.



Option Category #1 Motors = Stock 600cc (GMSA type motor) Must be stock production no modifications. CC casting number must be visible on engine. Minimum weight for Option #1 motors is 750 pounds for the car and driver after the race.


Option Category #2 Motors - 601cc to 636cc U6SA (Pennsylvania and North Carolina) type motors with no porting of cylinder head. Minimum weight for Option #2 motors is 775 pounds for the car and driver after the race. No Nitrous, turbo or superchargers permitted.


Option Category #3 Motors - 601cc to 640cc motors PORTED HEAD, ETC.. Minimum weight for Option #3 motors is 800 pounds for the car and driver after the race. No Nitrous, turbo or superchargers permitted. 


 Option Category #4 Motors - 750cc motors NO PORTED HEAD. Stock  Includes OEM Florida Mini Sprint Assoc. type rules motors  Minimum weight for Option #4 motors is 825 pounds for the car and driver after the race. No Nitrous, turbo or superchargers permitted.





WEIGHTING PROCEDURE: The TOP THREE (3) finishers must weigh after heat race. The TOP FIVE (5) finishers must weigh after the feature prior to returning to your pit.  Any cars that return to their pits prior attending the scales as instructed for weighing will be disqualified.  Any material used for adding weight to the car must be firmly attached. Loss of any bolt-on weight during competition will disqualify the individual from that event.


TIRE RULES: Hoosier Racing Tires will be the legal and official tires on all four corners. Right rear tire is a Hoosier USCS SPEC tire and must punch 50 durometer at any time. The Front tires and left rear tire can be any compound but must be Hoosier brand.


FIREWALL: All cars must have a metal firewall between Driver and engine compartment.  Minimum 24 gauge or .0625 thickness aluminum. 


ROLL CAGES: Roll cages shall be at least 1 1/8 inch .065 wall thickness or 1 1/4 inch .065 wall thickness. Roll cages must have sufficient fore and aft bracing. All cages shall be made of chromoly steel or equivalent.


NERF BARS and BUMPERS: All cars must be equipped with nerf bars. Nerf bars may not exceed beyond the rear tires. All cars must have bumpers extending beyond the front and rear tires.


CHAIN GUARDS:  will be installed on all cars using a minimum of .090 aluminum material or equivalent.


ON/OFF SWITCH: On and off switches must visible and be on the dash.


FLOOR PANS: All cars must have a floor pan that extends from the engine compartment/firewall in front of the Driver’s feet to at least the front of the driver’s seat.


BATTERIES: All wet cell batteries mounted in the cockpit area must be covered and vented outside the cockpit area.


WINGS: All cars will have top wings at least 12 square feet, and a maximum of 16 square feet.  The left sideboard 26” x 54”, right sideboard 24” x 54”. Nose wing 4 sq. foot max


FUEL CELLS: All cars will have fuel cell bladders.


FUEL: Methanol Alcohol is the only fuel that may be used.  NO ADDITIVES ALLOWED.  This is not meant to exclude top end lubricants.  Random fuel checks may be conducted at the conclusion of any event.  The following placements can be expected to be tested:  top 3 placements in the A main. 


The following safety items are strongly recommended:  Name brand flame retardant uniform, five point racing style harness, racing style shoes, arm restraints, flame retardant gloves, and neck brace or helmet restraint (cage net recommended).


Rough Driving:  1st Offense – Driver will go to tail

                          2nd Offense – Driver will be disqualified, receive no points and no pay

All slide jobs must clear the driver/car that you are attempting to pass or will be considered rough driving.! Retaliation or intentional contact dturing a yellow or after the event, you will be disqualified, receive no points and no pay!


Racecever one way driver communication systems will be required for the USCS 600 Sprint Car Series cars/drivers .  The use of any other in-car radio devices is prohibited.


Electronic logic processor to control any function of the race car and/or system for gathering continuous data from any functions of the race is strictly prohibited.  (Note: This rule does not include electronic ignition and/or electronic tachometers).



USCS 600 Sprint Car Series points will be given for each sanctioned event in the following manner:


Dash ponts (top six cars from previous events are awarded according to their finish as follows


in the DASH: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 points.

Show-up 100 points for all who make an honest attempt to race.



                        1st                   50

                        2nd                  48

                        3rd                           46

                        4th                           44

                        5th                           42

                        6th                           40

                        7th                           38          

                        8th                           36

                        9th                           34

                        10th                        32

                        11th                        30

                        12th                 28

                        13th                 26       

                        14th                  24

                        15th                  22

                        16th                  20

                        17th                  18

                        18th                  16

                        19th                  14

                        20th                  12

                        21st                  10

                        22nd                 08

                        23rd                  06

                        24th                  04


No Last Chance/B-Main points will be awarded to any car/driver.


ONLY USCS 600 Sprint Car Series MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE POINTS and AWARDS. $100 annual membership.


USCS Modified Series









JE Pistons

KSE Racing Products, Inc.