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Wayne Johnson dominates O'Reilly USCS North Florida Winternationals Finale PDF Print E-mail

February 6, 2007

February 03, 2007 Lake City, FL - Wayne Johnson from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma won the 30-lap O'Reilly USCS North Florida Winternationals Finale at North Florida Speedway in Lake City, Florida on Saturday night. It was Johnson's first career O'Reilly USCS feature win. Johnson set a new track record and was the CnB Mushroom Farms fastest qualifier for the event during Friday night's time trial portion of the event. He finished sixth in Friday night's preliminary action leaving him in the fourth position in qualifying points after round one. After being drawn to the front row by high point man Gary Wright from Hooks, Texas, Johnson then dominated the race by leading the last twenty-nine laps leaving the balance of the talent-laden field from nine states and Canadian provinces to fight fo second place while he cruised to victory lane.

After two false starts, Johnson followed five-time O'Reilly USCS National Champion, Terry Gray from Bartlett, Tennessee who started on the pole, around the 4/10 mile clay oval with the previous night's winner Kenny Adams from Malabar, Florida and the previous night's runner-up, Gary Wright behind them in that order. Johnson then made the winning move past Gray on lap two and never looked back. Gray, Adams and Wright chased him until lap seven when the first of two cautions flew when Terry Witherspoon from Jacksonville, Florida and Brent Vonk from Sioux Falls, South Dakota both spun nearly blocking the track and Gray crashed into them. All three drivers escaped injury, but all three cars were out of action for the balance of the race.

PHOTO / CAPTION: Wayne Johnson from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma won his first career O'Reilly Auto Parts United Sprint Car Series feature race on Saturday night in the 30 lap-1st Annual O'Reilly USCS North Florida Winternationals Finale at North Florida Speedway driving the H&H Motorsports #94. photo Pete Walton). Media contact: Pete Walton 404-886-5913

On the restart Wayne Johnson started to pull away and at the races mid-point looked to be in command with Kenny Adams, Gary Wright, young gun Justin Barger from Montrose, New York and Travis Rilat from Forney, Texas in the lead pack behind him. On lap seventeen the caution again flew for Stephen Darvalics from Venice, Florida who had spun in water throw up track in turn one. Darvalics restarted after a push-off. On this final restart of the race, Wayne Johnson pulled away and stretched his lead to nearly a straight-a-way lead over Adams, Wright, Barger and then Rilat by lap twenty-five. With two laps to go Wright drove underneath Adams for the runner-up spot. Barger held off Rilat to finish behind Adams in fourth place with Rilat rounding out the top five.

Engler Macine and Tool First Heat winner, T.J. Winegardner from Pierson, Florida finished in sixth place. Seventeen year-old O'Reilly USCS hot shoe, Matt Tiffany from Daytona Beach, Florida finished seventh after starting eleventh. Ron Blair from Dayton, Ohio rallied to an eighth place finish after starting fourteenth. The 2004 O'Reilly USCS Rookie of the Year, R.J. Johnson from Decatur, Tennessee finished in ninth place and the 2005 O'Reilly USCS Rookie of the Year, Bryn Gohn from Malabar, Florida rounded out the top ten.

Justin Barger captured the six car-six lap Lucas oil Power Dash contested from a field of the top six cars in points from Friday night's races. TJ Winegardner streaked to victory in the Engler Tool and Machine First Heat. Mike Brecht from Lipsic, Ohio captured the Butlerbuilt Second Heat race. Terry Gray was the K&N Filters Pole Award recipient after being drawn to the pole with a four-inversion draw by Wright.

Terry Coddington from Lithia, Florida garnered the events Huggins Cams Hard Charger award after starting eighteenth and passing seven cars. Matt Stegeman from Tampa, Florida advanced past the same number of cars but finished two positions behind Coddington therefore giving the award to Coddington. Justin Barger was again recognized as the Hoosier Tire Young Gun of the Race, which is awarded to the top-finishing driver under twenty-five years old. Gary Wright received the evenings JE Pistons Top Guns Award for his win. The Weld Racing Hard Luck award went to Chris Schmelzle from Victoria, BC.

The next O'Reilly USCS National Championship event will be on pavement when the series makes its first ever visit to Peach State Speedway in Jefferson, Georgia on Saturday March 17, 2007. The track will host an open practice the night before so the O'Reilly USCS drivers can become familiar with the speedy ½ mile paved oval located just off Interstate 85 North off Atlanta, Georgia. Included in the two days activities will be a pavement driving and set-up clinic. For more info on this and other O'Reilly USCS events please visit

FEATURE RECAP: O'Reilly USCS 30 lap Feature recap courtesy of

GREEN***Terry Gray gets the jump----Yellow flag comes out for #97 Mike Brecht. He stops with engine problems.....taking him to the pitsComplete restart.Wayne Johnson jumps the restart.GREEN AGAIN*** K&N Pole starter Gray leads lap one!Lap 2; Wayne Johnson passes Gray for the lead***** 94-10-4a.....Lap 5; 94-10-4a-9-32b-29...........Lap 7; YELLOW*** 2 cars spin and Terry Gray hits one of them....between turns 1&221v-Brent Vonk, 34w-Terry Witherspoon, and Terry Gray involved......Running order 94-4a-9-32b-29-11t-32-19t-35r-71-35-4btoo much damage for 10 & 34 & 21v all three go to the pits…..Restart!!!!!94 ( W.Johnson) pulling away......10 laps down ; 94-4a-9-32b-29-11tLap 15; 94-4a-9-32b......Lap 17; YELLOW*** for a spin in turn 2 involving 32-Stephen Darvalicsrunning order as of now; 94-4a-9-32b-29-11t-19t-35r-71-4b-4-32-10s.......Green again***13 laps to go!Lap 22; 94-4a-9-32b-29 top 5 as of now25 down,; W. Johnson has straight away lead2 to go......W. Johnson dominatingFINISH; 94-9-4a-32b-29-11t-19t-35r-71-4b-4...........OFFICIAL RESULTS - O'Reilly USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour 2007 - Round #2 FinaleO'REILLY USCS OUTLAW THUNDER TOUR North Florida Speedway on February 3, 2007POS. START CAR# DRIVER HOMETOWN1. 2 94 Wayne Johnson Oklahoma City, OK2. 4 9 Gary Wright Hooks, TX3. 3 4A Kenny Adams Malabar, FL4 5 32B Justin Barger Montrose, NY5. 6 29 Travis Rilat Forney, TX6. 7 11T TJ Winegardner Pierson, FL7. 11 19T Matt Tiffany Daytona Beach, FL8. 14 35 Ron Blair Dayton, OH9. 13 71 RJ Johnson Decatur, TN10. 12 4B Bryn Gohn Malabar, FL11. 18 4 Terry Coddington Lithia, FL12. 9 32 Stephen Darvalics Venice, FL13. 21 10s Matt Stegeman Tampa, FL14. 15 71c Jack Helget Cherry Hill, NJ15. 10 35W Brad Best Tulsa, OK16. 1 10 Terry Gray Bartlett, TN17. 17 21v Brent Vonk Sioux Falls, SD18. 19 43 Terry Withespoon Jacksonville, FL19. 8 97 Mike Brecht Lipsic, OH20. 16 17T Jeff Taylor Cherry Hill, NJ21. 20 34 Luke Hall Ludlow Falls, OH22. 22 57c Chris Schmelzle Victoria, BCLUCAS OIL POWER DASH WINNER: Justin BargerK & N FILTERS POLE AWARD: Terry GrayHUGGINS CAMS HARD CHARGER: Terry CoddingtonHOOSIER TIRE YOUNG GUN OF THE RACE: Justin BargerROBISON RACING PRODUCTS ROOKIE OF THE RACE: noneJE PISTONS TOP GUNS AWARD: Gary Wright (2nd place)K&N FILTERS 3RD-PLACE AWARD: Kenny AdamsBUTLERBUILT 4TH-PLACE AWARD: Justin BargerArizona Sport Shirts TOP FIVE AWARD: Travis RilatSIMPSON SAFETY PRODUCTS 6TH-PLACE AWARD: TJ WinegardnerFSR RACING PRODUCTS-7 TH-PLACE AWARD: Matt TiffanyAIR FLOW RESEARCH 9TH-PLACE AWARD: RJ JohnsonFSR TOP 10 AWARD : 10th placeWELD RACING HARD LUCK AWARD: Chris SchmelzleENTRIES: 22PROVISIONALS: NoneLEAD CHANGES: OneLAP LEADERS: #10 Terry Gray lap 1, #94 Wayne Johnson laps 2-30CAUTIONS: TwoLUCAS OIL POWER DASH - 6 Laps:Lucas Oil Power Dash starting lineup(comprised of top six drivers from Friday night points10-Gray 32b-Barger 9-Wright 4a -Adams94-Johnson 29-RilatFINISH: 32b Barger; 10 Gray; 94 W. Johnson; 4a Adams;9 Wright; 29 RilatBarger made his move on Gray into 3&4 onfinal lap and got him at the finish lineEngler Machine and Tool Heat One Lineup:32-Darvalics 19t-Tiffany11t-Winegardner jr 10s-Stegeman71c-Helget 71-Johnson57c-Schmelze 21v-Vonk34w-WitherspoonFINISH: 11t Winegardner; 32 Darvalics; 19t Tiffany;71 R.J. Johnson; 71c Jack Helget; 21v Vonk;34 Hall; 10s Stegeman; 57c SchmelzleButlerbuilt Heat Two Lineup97-Brecht** 34-Hall4b-Gohn 4 -Coddington17t-Taylor 35-Best35r-Blair***34-Hall stops causing a yellow-pushed to the pits......FINISH: 97 Brecht; 35 Best; 4b Gohn; 35r Blair;17t Taylor; 4 Coddington; 34 HallFEATURE LINEUP (Official) 30 Laps10-Gray 94-Johnson4a-Adams 9-Wright32b-Barger 29-Rilat11t-Winegardener jr. 97-Brecht32-Darvalics 35-Best19t-Tiffany 4b-Gohn71-Johnson 35r-Blair71c-Helget 17t-Taylor21v-Vonk 4-Coddington34-Witherspoon 34-Hall10s-Stegeman 57c-Schmelze Lap 15- 94-4a-9-32b......YELLOW***Lap 17 for a spin in turn 2 32-Darvalicsrunning order as of now-94-4a-9-32b-29-11t-19t-35r-71-4b-4-32-10s.......Green!!!!!94-4a-9-32b-29 top 5 as of now lap 2225 down, Johnson has straight away lead2 to go......Johnson dominatingFINISH 94-9-4a-32b-29-11t-19t-35r-71-4b...........Congratulations to Wayne Johnson for his first O'Reilly USCS victory!!!!!
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