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Dale Howard sweeps USCS Outlaw Thunder event at North Alabama Speedway

Tuscumbia, AL - March 24, 2018 - Dale Howard from Byhalia, MS won his career-second USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters 30-lap main event at North Alabama Speedway on Saturday night during the rain-delayed USCS Shoals Shootout. Tony Stewart, Morgan Turpen, Sammy Swindell and Derek Hagar rounded out the top five.

Howard sweep the evenings sprint car portion of the event by winning the USCS Hoosier Tire Speed Dash, the Brown and Miller Racing Solutions Second Heat Race and then closing the deal by collecting the win in the 30-lap main event.

USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters results from the USCS Shoals Shootout presented by FireAde at North Alabama Speedway on Saturday, March 24, 2018:



Amerson captures USCS 600 main at North Alabama

Tuscumbia, AL – March 24, 2018 - Kyle Amerson from Matthews, AL won the

USCS Mini Sprint portion of the USCS Shoals Shootout presented by FireAde at North Alabama Speedway on Saturday night. Amerson was pulling double duty as he also competed with the USCS winged sprint car division. USCS 600 Sprint Car Series winged mini/micro sprint results:

Tony Stewart claims USCS Winter Heat final at Magnolia Motor Speedway

Columbus, MS – March 3, 2018 – Tony Stewart from Columbus, Indiana raced to a career-second United Sprint Car Series Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters main event win at Magnolia Motor Speedway in the USCS Winter Heat Round #6 finale on Saturday night. Stewart charged from his K&N Filters Pole Award starting position into the lead on lap-one and led all 30-laps of the contest around Mississippi’s largest and fastest oval. Stewart was able to hold off late race charges after several re-starts by Blake Hahn from Tulsa, Oklahoma and 2013 USCS National Champion Derek Hagar from Marion, Arkansas to secure his second trip to the USCS Victory Lane.

Wayne Johnson wins USCS Winter Heat Rnd #5 at Hattiesburg on 3/2/18

Sprint Car veteran, Wayne Johnson from Oklahoma City, OK won the USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters 30-lap main event at Hattiesbirg Speedway on Friday night.

USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K#N Filters results from Hattiesburg Speedway on Friday, March 2, 2018.

Engler Machine & Tool 1st Heat (8 Laps)
1. 10m-Morgan Turpen[2] ; 2. 93-Jake Knight[4] ; 3. 4-Danny Smith[5] ; 4. 2c-Wayne Johnson[7] ; 5. 1s-Joey Schmidt[1] ; 6. 38-Tony Agin[6] ; 7. 83-Blake Carrier[3]



And in other news, Trynt Lloyd takes the win in the 600cc Mini Sprint Feature Event, with Lance Walker taking the win in the K&N Filters Open Wheel Modified Division

600cc Mini Sprints

Heat 1 - Engler Machine & Tool (8 Laps)
1. 1-Bobby Zaiontz[5] ; 2. 3-Trynt Lloyd[8] ; 3. d14-Darl Parvin[9] ; 4. 33m-Michael Hall[7] ; 5. 17-Alex Lyles[4] ; 6. 33-Don Quinn[6] ; 7. 19-Jim Kradel[2] ; 8. 51b-Joe Miller[1] ; 9. 33d-Don T Quinn[3]

A-Main (25 Laps)
1. 3-Trynt Lloyd[4] ;
2. 1-Bobby Zaiontz[3] ;
3. 33m-Michael Hall[1] ;
4. 33-Don Quinn[6] ;
5. 19-Jim Kradel[7] ;
6. 17-Alex Lyles[5] ;
7. d14-Darl Parvin[2] ;
8. 51b-Joe Miller[8] ;
9. 33d-Don T Quinn[9]

Open Wheel Modifieds

Heat 1 - Wilwood Disc Brakes (8 Laps)
1. 11-Spencer Hughes[3] ; 2. K9-Robert Casada[4] ; 3. 9-Bryan Powell[2] ; 4. R14-Riley Brown[6] ; 5. c7-Richard Carter[1] ; 6. 45-Chase Holland[7] ; 7. 143-Tommy Beasley[5]

Heat 2 - ButlerBuilt Seats (8 Laps)
1. 25L-Lance Walker[4] ; 2. 34-Noah Daspit[7] ; 3. 11s-Nicholas Sellier[1] ; 4. 54-Richie Beasley[2] ; 5. 1-Drake Powell[3] ; 6. 61-Chris Davis[5] ; 7. 82T-Ricky Head[6]

A-Main 1 (0 Laps)

1. 25L-Lance Walker[2] 

2. 11-Spencer Hughes[1] 

3. 9-Bryan Powell[5] ;

4. L88-Jarrod May[15] 

5. K9-Robert Casada[3] 

6. R14-Riley Brown[7] 

7. 1-Drake Powell[10] 

8. 143-Tommy Beasley[13] 

9. 54-Richie Beasley[8] 

10. 11s-Nicholas Sellier[6] 

11. 61-Chris Davis[12] 

12. 34-Noah Daspit[4] 

13. c7-Richard Carter[9] 

14. 22-Truitt Miller[16] 

15. 82T-Ricky Head[14] 

16. 45-Chase Holland[11] 

Seth Bergman wins USCS Winter Heat #4 @ Southern

SCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters Winged Sprint Cars 

at Southern Raceway on SATURDAY, February 24, 2018 (Quick Results)--rkuuuuuuuuiuyy

Hoosier Racing Tire Speed Dash (6 Laps)

1. 10B-Mitch Brown[1] ; 2. 14m-Jordon  Mallett[5] ; 3. 10m-Morgan Turpen[2] ; 4. 10-Terry Gray[3] ; 5. 14 TSR-Tony Stewart[4] ; 6. 4-Danny Smith[6]

Terry Gray wins Southern Raceway Friday contest
United Sprint Car Series Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters Sprint Cars at Southern Raceway on FRIDAY 02-23-2018 results: 

A-Main 1 -  (25 Laps)
1. 10-Terry Gray[1] ; 2. 95-Matt Covington[3] ; 3. 2c-Wayne Johnson[5] ; 4. 10m-Morgan Turpen[4] ; 5. 23-Seth Bergman[9] ; 6. 10B-Mitch Brown[7] ; 7. 14TSR-Tony Stewart[12] ; 8. 14m-Jordon  Mallett[11] ; 9. 4-Danny Smith[13] ; 10. 17w-Harli White[16] ; 11. 42-Andy McElhannon[15] ; 12. 116-Nick Snyder[18] ; 13. 93-Jake Knight[22] ; 14. 29o-Jeff Oliver[25] ; 15. 09-Timmy Thrash[2] ; 16. 38-Tony Agin[21] ; 17. 52-Cody Karl[10] ; 18. 43-Terry Witherspoon[14] ; 19. 1s-Joey Schmidt[8] ; 20. 29a-Kyle Amerson[20] ; 21. 10h-Dustin Homan[17] ; 22. 83-Bob Auld[23] ; 23. 88-Brandon Blendon[19] ; 24. 01-Shane Morgan[6] ; 25. 730-Gregg Jones[24] 
Mark Smith goes 2 for 2 at Bubba Raceway 2-10-2018
Bubba Raceway  SATURDAY 02-10-2018
360 Sprints - USCS presented by K&N Oil Filters 360 Outlaw Sprint Cars
Mark Smith snatches the win at Bubba Raceway on 2-9-2018
Bubba Raceway  FRIDAY 02-09-2018
360 Sprints - USCS presented by K&N Oil Filters 360 Outlaw Sprint Cars
Smoke looking for return to USCS Victory Lane at Bubba's this weekend 2/9-2/10
USCSStewartvlane4.1.17.jpgThree-time NASCAR Champion and sprint car veteran Tony Stewart from Columbus, IN returns to Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, FL to compete in Rounds One and Two of the USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour Winter Heat Series this Friday and Saturday nights (2/9 & 2/10) . Stewart got his first sprint car win of the 2017 season at Bubba Raceway Park on April 1, 2017 in the final night of the USCS Spring Speed Xplosion. (USCS photo).
2018 Sprint Season Opener Friday and Saturday at Bubba's
Sprint Car Top Wing/Wicker Bill Rule Change

For immediate release:


Atlanta, GA - January 30, 2018 - After 21 years with the same wing rule, the United Sprint Car Serie presented by K&N Filters has made a minor change to the TOP WING Wicker Bill rule. The rule change which takes effect with the first race of the 2018 season on February 9th and 10th at Bubba Raceway Park reads as follows: RULE VII A.  The Top Wing: can be no more than 25 square feet Maximum with a 2.5" maximum dip measured in front of wickerbill turnup (Maximum 1" Wicker Bill turnup at rear of top wing). Rules are the same for FLAT Surface Top Wings EXCEPT FLAT Surface Top Wings are allowed a 2" Wicker Bill starting with all races after January 1, 2018.Hydraulic sliders allowed. For safety, the Top Wing may not be mounted so as to extend outside of the left-rear tire. Side panels may be no more than 72" long by 30" tall. For additional rules and compete schedules please visit

Mark Smith hammer down at BRP on 11/11/2017
Bubba Raceway  SATURDAY 11-11-2017 USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters Sprint Cars results:
Trey Starks steals the win at Bubba Raceway on 11/10/2017
Bubba Raceway  FRIDAY 11-10-2017
360 Sprints - USCS presented by K&N Oil Filters 360 Outlaw Sprint Cars
Dale Howard takes the Checkered at RIS 10/20/2017
Riverside  FRIDAY 10-20-2017
360 Sprints - USCS presented by K&N Oil Filters 360 Outlaw Sprint Cars
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