CHARLOTTE, NC – October 22, 2016 – Trey Starks of Puyallup, WA was Mr. Perfect in the World Short Track Championships for the United Sprint Car Series Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters on both Friday and Saturday nights at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Starks capped off the clean sweep of the weekend on Saturday night with the win in the 25-lap Comp Cams sponsored sprint car main event by leading wire-to-wire.  It was the fourth win of the season for Starks during the 2016 20th Anniversary USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour.  In two nights of competition, Starks seemingly had none. Starks started the Friday night action by setting fast time honors with a lap around the 4/10-mile clay oval in 14.748 seconds.  After being inverted to the fourth position for the heat race start, he then led all eight laps to win the Engler Machine and Tool First Heat Race.  That earned him the pole position for Saturday night’s K&N Filters USCSPole Scramble.  Once again, Starks went unchallenged, leading all 12 laps for the win and earning the K&N Filters Pole Award for the A-Main.

Dylan Westbrook of Scotland, ON Canada took the second spot in the main event and Dane Lorenc of Lancaster, NY finished third.  Lance Moss of Cherryville, NC came home in the fourth spot and the defending USCSNational Champion Morgan Turpen of Cordova, TN was fifth. 


Kevin Roberts of Washington Court House, OH finished sixth and Michael Miller of Ocean Springs, MS was seventh.  Jake McLain of Indian Trail, NC took the eighth spot. Brandon McLain of Indian Trail, NC started 22nd and finished ninth to earn the Wilwood Disc Brakes Hard Charger Award.  Johnny Petrozelle of Lexington, NC rounded out the top ten.



In other Friday night preliminary action, the eight-lap Brown and Miller Racing Solutions Second Heat Race was won by 2015 USCS Rookie of the Year Nick Snyder of Marco Island, FL. The eight-lap Schoenfeld Headers Third Heat Race was won by Shawn Murray of Jacksonville, FL.


Starks took the lead at the start of the race that took three tries due to a false start and a stall by Eric Riggins Jr. of Charlotte, NC.  Following Starks under the flagstand on lap one was Westbrook, 11-time USCS National Champion Terry Gray of Bartlett, TN, Moss and Glenn Styres of Oschwegen, ON, Canada.


Once the race got underway, it was stopped on lap four for debris.  Starks remained the leader followed by Westbrook, Gray, Moss and Styres.  The fourth caution flag of the race came out on lap six when Snyder stalled in turn two.  On the restart, Styres dropped back to the eighth spot, as Roberts, Miller and Lorenc got by him for the fifth, six, and seventh spots respectively.


Miller passed Roberts for the fifth spot on lap seven, and then Lorenc took over the fifth spot on lap ten.  Starks, Westbrook, Gray, Moss and Lorenc remained in the top five until lap 16 when Gray suddenly slowed on the race track and brought out the caution flag on lap 17 with a cut tire.  The top five for the restart was Starks, Westbrook, Moss, Lorenc and Miller.


Turpen passed Miller to move up to the top five on lap 18, and Lorenc got by Moss for the third spot on lap 20.  Starks breezed home during the last five laps of the race to take a 3.784 second margin of victory over Westbrook at the checkered flag.


Eleven-time USCS National sprint car Champion, Terry Gray gave up the third position in the race and the National points lead when he had to pit for the tire change on lap seventeen. Gray recovered to the thirteenth spot by the end of the race, but, that gave the chase for the National title lead back to his team-mate Morgan Turpen. The two have been in a see-saw battle since mid-season.


The next event will close out the 2016 20th Anniversary United Sprint Car Series Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters.  The USCS winged outlaw sprint cars will visit Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, AR on Friday night, November 11, and on Saturday night, November 12 for the USCS Fall Nationals.


For rules and updated schedule information about the United Sprint Car Series Outlaw Thunder Tour, please visit or call the series office at 770-460-7223 or 770-865-6097. You can also like the United Sprint Car Series Facebook page at USCS Racing.






POS        START  CAR #   DRIVER                              HOMETOWN                                   
1.            1             23s         Trey Starks                         Puyallup, WA
2.            2             47x        Dylan Westbrook                Scotland, ON, Canada
3.            11           00           Dane Lorenc                       Lancaster, NY
4.            3             23           Lance Moss                        Cherryville, NC   
5.            12           10m       Morgan Turpen                  Cordova, TN
6.            14           22r         Kevin Roberts                    Washington Court House, OH
7.            8             4m          Michael Miller                   Ocean Springs, MS            
8.            16           67           Jake McLain                       Indian Trail, NC
9.            22           21b        Brandon McLain                Indian Trail, NC
10.          18           59           Johnny Petrozelle                Lexington, NC
11.          6             22           Shawn Murray                   Jacksonville, FL  
12.          4             0             Glenn Styres                       Ohsweken, ON, Canada
13.          5             10           Terry Gray                          Bartlett, TN
14.          7             12           Nick Roberts                      Bloomingburg, OH
15.          19           99           Tanner Witherspoon          Jacksonville, FL
16.          11           38           Tony Agin                           Fort Myers, FL
17.          21           27           Stan Zanchin                      Fort Erie, ON, Canada
18.          10           116        Nick Snyder                       Marco Island, FL
19.          9             1x           Scott Hunter                       Concord, NC
20.          17           24           Danny Sams III                   Englewood, FL
21.          13           47           Eric Riggins Jr.                   Charlotte, NC
22.          20           43           Terry Witherspoon            Jacksonville, FL
23.          24           51           Jay Dunham                       Harlem, GA
24.          23           33           Joe Larkin                           Suwanee, GA DNS


Engler Machine and Tool First Heat:   Starks
Brown and Miller Racing Solutions Second Heat:  Snyder
Schoenfeld Headers Third Heat:  Murray

K&N Filters Pole Award:   Starks
JE Pistons Top Guns Award:  (4th place) Moss
K&N Filters Podium (3rd place) Award:   Lorenc
Wilwood Disc Brakes Hard Charger Award:   Brandon McLain (started 22nd and finished 9th)
Keizer Aluminum Wheels Top Five Award:   Turpen
Saldana Racing Products Super Sixth Award:   K. Roberts
Pyrotect Racing Cells Lucky Seven Award:   Miller
DHR Suspension 8th-Place Award:  Jake McLain
DMI/Bulldog Rear Ends Top Ten Award:   Petrozelle






POS        CAR #   DRIVER                              HOMETOWN                                   TIME     
1.            23s         Trey Starks                         Puyallup, WA                                    14.748
2.            47x         Dylan Westbrook               Scotland, ON, Canada                       14.911
3.            00           Dane Lorenc                       Lancaster, NY                                   15.008
4.            23           Lance Moss                        Cherryville, NC                                 15.400
5.            47           Eric Riggins Jr.                   Charlotte, NC                                    15.415
6.            10m       Morgan Turpen                  Cordova, TN                                      15.415
7.            1x           Scott Hunter                       Concord, NC                                      15.561
8.            10          Terry Gray                          Bartlett, TN                                        15.582
9.            0            Glenn Styres                       Ohsweken, ON, Canada                   15.642
10.          21m       Brandon McLain                Indian Trail, NC                                15.669
11.          116        Nick Snyder                       Marco Island, FL                               15.765
12.          22           Shawn Murray                   Jacksonville, FL                                15.822
13.          38           Tony Agin                           Fort Myers, FL                                  15.867
14.          67           Jake McLain                       Indian Trail, NC                                15.945
15.          22r         Kevin Roberts                    Washington Court House, OH         15.953
16.          12           Nick Roberts                      Bloomingburg, OH                           15.953
17.          4m          Michael Miller                   Ocean Springs, MS                           16.002
18.          24           Danny Sams III                   Englewood, FL                                  16.120
19.          59           Johnny Petrozelle                Lexington, SC                                   16.210
20.          27           Stan Zanchin                      Fort Erie, ON, Canada                      16.238
21.          43           Terry Witherspoon            Jacksonville, FL                                16.465
22.          33           Joe Larkin                           Suwanee, GA                                     17.248
23.          99           Tanner Witherspoon          Jacksonville, FL                                18.368
24.          51           Jay Dunham                       Harlem, GA                                       NT




Engler Machine & Tool Heat 1 - (8 Laps): 1. Starks; 2. B. McLain; 3. Moss; 4. Hunter; 5. N. Roberts; 6. Agin; 7. Petrozelle; 8. Larkin DNS.


Brown and Miller Racing Solutions Heat 2- (8 Laps):  1. Snyder; 2. Gray; 3. Westbrook; 4. Miller; 5. Riggins; 6. J. McLain; 7. Ta. Witherspoon; 8. Zanchin.


Schoenfeld Headers Heat 3 - (8 Laps): 1. Murray; 2. Lorenc; 3. Turpen; 4. Styres; 5. K. Roberts; 6. Sams; 7. Te. Witherspoon; 8. Dunham DNS.




Pole Scramble – (12 Laps):  1. Starks; 2. Westbrook; 3. Moss; 4. Styres; 5. Gray; 6. Murray; 7. N. Roberts; 8. Miller; 9. Hunter; 10. Snyder; 11. Lorenc; 12. Turpen; 13. B. McLain-DNS.




The United Sprint Car Series presented by K&N Filters would like to gratefully thank its sponsoring partners for their involvement in the 2016 and 20th anniversary USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour: K&N Filters,, Hoosier Race Tires, Engler Machine and Tool, Butlerbuilt, Wilwood Disc Brakes, Saldana Racing Products, Pyrotect Racing Cells, DMI/Bulldog Rear Ends. Hero Graphics, KSE Racing Products, Schoenfeld Headers, DSR Fuel Systems, Brown and Miller Racing Solutions and DHR Suspensions. 



**Photo/Caption #23; Trey Starks streaked to his 4th USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour win of the season in the World Short Track Championships 25-lap Comp Cams sprint car main event.


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