USCS Modified Rules

USCS Outlaw Modified 2015 simplified general tech rules Updated on February 20, 2015:

All cars must weight 2400 pounds after the race with the driver. A 2014 revision included that NO weight need be added for Aluminum cylinder heads. in front of firewall.
Any ballast weight must be securely fastened to the race car to the satisfaction of the series tech inspector and painted white for safety.

ENGINE RULES: USCS Outlaw Modifieds have NO Motor Claim rule. Steel or Aluminum cylinder heads are legal.

Hoosier Race Tire is the Official tire of the USCS Modified Touring Series. The Hoosier Race tire G60-15 modified tires with or without IMCA stamped on the sidewall are BOTH legal on the front and rear as of 12/31/13. Additionally the American Racer KK704 modified tires are also allowed on the front or rear. These two tire brands and three types of tires are the only legal tires at any time. Starting with the 2014 racing season Unlimited grooving and siping of tires on all four corners (Front and Rear) is allowed. Tires may be siped, ground off or grooved in any manner, .

Rear tires must punch a minimum of 50 durometer hardness at any time using the USCS durometer.  Front tires must be of those brands and types previously posted in these rules, but there will not be any technical inspection for hardness, etc. on the front tires, ** Special Note: Use of any tires other than those specified (unless approved by the USCS) will result in disqualification and lose of points and monies earned from that event.

USCS Modifieds may only use 8 inch maximum steel wheels. Steel wheels only. A beadlock is OK on the right side wheels only (front or rear). No sanction decals required on wheels.  Aero Race Wheels are the "Official Wheels of the USCS Outlaw Modified Series.

TRANSMISSIONS and REAR ENDS: Any Transmission including Bert and Brinn Transmissions are okay. Quick-Change transmissions or quick change rear ends allowed.The rear end must have STEEL ONLY axles, axle tubes, snouts and hubs.

CHASSIS, FRAME, BODY, SUSPENSION AND RUNNING GEAR RULES are similar to the IMCA style rules for open wheel modifieds which are common at the unsanctioned area race tracks with the following exceptions:

FRAME RULES FOR: Cars competing in the USCS Modified touring Series events are not allowed to have raised frame rails. Except those cars with a raised frame rail that come to compete at a USCS Modified event will be allowed to race for that weekend as long as they have a minimum 550 lb. spring rate spring in the right front of their car.) This spring rate may be inspected or checked by USCS Officials at any time. After this temporary allowance period, those cars will be expected to return their frame rail to the original position.

In lieu of returning your frame rail to the stock position, you may bolt a steel section to the bottom of the frame that places the bottom of the frame rail in the same position as stock. This piece must be as wide as the frame rail and must be securely mounted for safety to the complete satisfaction of the USCS Technical Officials.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to competing at a USCS Modified event, approval of this method of satisfying the frame rail rule must be obtained by USCS Officials.

TOPLESS OPTION: The topless option of USCS Modified Touring Series cars ended after 2010 season.
  **SPECIAL Topless events or topless option events may be announced on a special event basis in the future, but unless such an announcement is made, the events will require that you run a standard style roof. 

1. Spoilers will be allowed on the rear deck of the car. Spoilers are allowed to be a maximum of 6" from the rear deck to the top of the spoiler blade. Two side panel supports and a maximum of two braces between ech end will also be allowed. Please see the diagram below for maximum dimensionsUSCSOWMSpoilerDiagram2011.jpg

 **NOTE: All lapped cars will line-up to the rear of cars on the lead lap on any and all re-starts during qualifying races and main event races.

***As you can see these rules are pretty common to the Mid-South area and should allow most present race cars to compete with little or no changes. A more detailed set of rules and race procedures will be available soon. If you have questions call USCS series Founder, Pete Walton at 770-460-7223 Office or 770-865-6097 cell#p This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it